It hasn’t happened for awhile, a moment that I can sit and actually watch a movie without the constant interruption of answering or tending to someones needs.  So What did I watch?  Two movies actually, a double feature curled up in my comfortable pajamas.  “The Help.”  The Help was a great movie, that took me back to a time were I thought it was far more innocent compared with today’s standards yet it was marked with hidden slavery and civil rights impingement.  My first thought when I watch the movie was, I don’t think I could pull the Stepford wife look while bouncing a baby on one knee while holding a cigarette in the opposite hand.  I then was drawn to how involved the maids were at raising all the white children.  Their parents were to into themselves posing as society saving grace from all the in justices that the “lesser folks”  suffered.  The line the shot an arrow through my heart was when a child no more than two bonded more with her black maid than her white mother.  The maid rather than instill hate, had the child repeat over three things.  “You are kind, You are smart, and You are important.” Building blocks to a young soul that wasn’t even provided by her biological mother.  If you have children, you know how important it is to establish their self worth at a young age.  To strength that individual worth is paramount as the world will tirelessly try to break that down.  The maid could have shown indifference and she had every right to hate what society did to her, yet she chose to look at the younger generation to educate in love and kindness rather than hate.  As the movie went on, the courage of the maids came through as one by one step forward to tell their stories in order to be heard.  Looking at that more closely, it took a courage that is rarely seen today.  In order to tell their stories, they risked imprisonment, loss of their job and meager pay that they needed to survive, and personal safety for their family and themselves.  In the time of the civil movement, they found their courage to take a stand in hope of change.  I got to thinking does that type of courage still exist.  We live in a time of unrest and unpredictability related to the failing economy, the persistent unemployment, and radical ideology that hides in preaching about tolerance across the board, yet rears its ugly head when those of us chose not to agree. Do we have such courage to stand up for what is right at the cost of everything?  I took a long hard look at myself, and I would like to think that I would.  However, when your children become targets how would my resolve be then? I honestly don’t know, I have not been tested.   Things are changing in this world and not for the good, I hope that like those maids, I to can find courage to stand up for what it is right.

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