A New Beginning

By revisiting what I could do, makes me feel like I can do better.  I have the ground work to build upon. I remember each drawing, what I was feeling at the time and like a mother remembers her child in every way, I am tied to my drawing because there is something there that is a part of me.  My favorite drawing is:

Image  Strength

I remember when I drew this.  It was 3 am, and I was betrayed by one of my closest friends.  I know our friendship had come to an end or it never really was as I had thought it would be.   I remember the tears that came silently as I threw myself into the drawing creating something that I wanted to be at that moment.   It was something that she couldn’t take.  I know it may sound silly to grieve over a lost friendship, but to me it was a closing of sorts.  A closing to the life I had led up to that point, a closing to being so open with someone, and a renewing of who and what I was that was hidden in others because I lacked the courage to shine on my own.  This drawing was an attempt of my own interpretation of one of my favorite artist Boris Vallejo. I wanted to recreate something that looked to the future, stripped down to the core of being one’s self.  And so through the heartache of saying goodbye.  I said hello to the new beginning….

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