Wrong side of Bed

Morning comes fast with a promise of new beginning.  Although, I am not to excited to start the day because I have to work tonight and tomorrow.  Most people would enjoy working only three days a week which is considered full time and perhaps I should not complain.  Yet, part of me would rather crawl back in bed and place a pillow over my head and wait for the day to pass.  I enjoy my time at home, especially with my girls.  I feel I can be there for them, kiss their hurts, and encourage them.  Of course my favorite time is when they are sleeping.  It brings a moment of peace in which I can pursue the other sides of my self with out interruption.   Either way I am not at work.  I guess being a nurse is not for me and its something to pay the bills.  Yet being a nurse has allowed my family to survive. I should be grateful and embrace the side of me after all it does satisfy the analytical part.   Yet again, I would rather wake up with a nice hot coffee in my hands planning my day as to how I would spend my time without any cares.  Okay its time for me to wake up or win the lotto!  

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