Revisiting the Past

In a sense this journal has become my digital sketch pad, my voice, and thoughts were I can look back and remember what it is that drives me.  Each picture represented a time where I experience the good, the bad, and the ugly.  These are some of my earlier works at Andrews University.  I remember the day where I sat in my living room floor at my apartment with my friends.  We are talking about my attempt at becoming a physical therapist and I had received my rejection letter.  The funny thing was I wasn’t to bothered by it, I was more concerned with what my parents thought.  This is were I made the decision to leave the medial field and explore the possibilities in the multimedia world.  It went against everything my family wanted.  The arts, the unstable field of wanna be hippies exploring the world on someone else’s dollar.  I guess in someways I did just that.  Except I did not sport the dread lock look.  During this time, I can say I was the happiest.  I was taking classes I LOVED.  Granted, I was intimidated because the classes where filled highly talented Asians that could come up with a design that left me feeling like a noob learning how to hold a pencil.  But instead of letting my unskilled work get the best of me, I took inspiration from them.  The one that I became close friends with was Clem.  The creativity that he had was unlike anything I ever seen.  He was the prodigy of the department.  He and I were complete opposites and the closest friends.  An odd pairing but it worked.  He was a constant fixture over at my house and Aaron and I excepted him like family.  He was the first person to encourage me and taught me how to see the world differently.  He never criticized me but rather taught me new techniques.  While we studied, partied, and played hard he was my encouragement to purse the arts.  Through him I met more like him and my Asian family grew.  Never condemning always uplifting I learned so much.  They were there from the beginning guarding a new interest in a hard world.  They saw my joy, my new addiction.  It was a good time. A time I will always remember it.  Thank you.

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