The Magic Bean

So I was working my night shift in which I had people tied down in leathers followed by  several calls to security for other patients getting out of hand.  (while leathers may be fun in other instances, this apparently was not one of them.  All in a night’s work of being a nurse.) 

Nurse humor

Once things settled down and everyone was comfortably sedated, I was able to get some work done and joined the others in a conversation that did not involve me giving Dilaudid in some form.  I was asked what I was doing since, according to them I have lost weight.  I shrug and stated that I worked out and changed my diet.  Apparently that was not the popular answer.  “Really”  That’s all you do?”  I didn’t know there was more to the equation.  Soon, I heard all sorts of ways to loose weight and the single common factor was….”I take this pill….”   Now if anyone knows me, I get put off when people tell me that “I just take this pill…..”  First, there is no magic pill that will give you what you want without taking something from you.  Period.  None of that shit is regulated and you have NO idea what or how much is in the magic concoction that you are subjecting your body to without the guidance of a physician.  For example, herbals…..If a person is on a blood thinner because they had suffer a heart attack and then some Joe Blow tells them of this wonder magic potion that will cure all alignments like St Johns Wort, something WILL happen when you mix the two products.   St Johns Wart will actually make your blood thinner by itself so you can imagine what two blood thinners will do…..You wind up on my floor and I have to stick your sorry ass with Vitimin K shots or give you a transfusion of platelets.   My biggest pet peeve is Dr OZ.  Granted he may be a good physician when he is handling your case personally, my beef with  him is when he promotes such pills for weight loss to the general public and people who “typically” don’t do any research on what the medication is  blindly take the pills in hope for something better and really hurt themselves in the long run without the promised weight loss.  

Potential merit....

Often, and I see this a lot, people take this supplements usually are helping themselves to a bag of potato chips while sitting on the couch surfing the channels while expecting this tiny pill to call the fairy fat patrol to come and zap away their thunder thighs and badonkadonk ass.  My point is people don’t want to work for anything any more.  Those that do believe in hard work to advance are often looked down on because they are not apart of the trend of entitlement.   So I was surprised to see some of my fellow nurses fall into this category of blind faith while stuffing their face with McDonalds hoping that they won’t have to change anything about their lifestyle.   I know that for some those types of pills may give you a boost, but remember that boost goes only so far.  It is up to the consumer to know what the trade off will be.  FYI if you are a diabetic or suffer from a cardiac issue I HIGHLY CAUSION you about any pills without consulting your physician…..THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT.  For those of you who want to lose weight to be strong….my advice is simple and won’t cost ya a thing….Get up and move!  Yes it is hard, but the pay off is great mentally, physically, and spiritually……now where is my donut!


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  1. Mae Clair
    May 20, 2013 @ 17:32:11

    Congrats on your successful weight loss! And you are so right about pills and supplements. There’s always a risk. Even if it isn’t immediately apparent, odds are x-number of years down the road it will be found to cause cancer or some other horrid ailment or disease. The best way to lose weight (as hard as it is), is through a healthful diet and exercise. I’m pretty good on the former but not so great on the latter.


    • amadiex
      May 20, 2013 @ 17:43:24

      Thanks Mae! It alarms me when I see young girls reaching for the pills versus effort. There is very little testing and information, but people want to make a sale to those that are willing to pay for it.


  2. caseykaye
    May 28, 2013 @ 15:24:54

    I love this post, you are sooo right! Last time I saw you, you looked great! I (shamefully) admit I tried diet pills once- once. I tried that SlimQuick you see on TV that shows how the man lost all the weight and all that happened to the woman was she lost her boobs, so she tried this pill and it worked. Well, let me tell ya, the directions said take two pills, I took one thinking I should ease myself into it. Not even 30 minutes later I was running around like a jack rabbit on crack. I then got so sick my mom wanted to take me to the hospital- I thought I was having a heart attack! Then, for some reason, when the heart attack symptoms wore off I fell alseep for over 6 hours. And that was just with 1 pill- 2 probably would have put me 6 feet under. Needless to say the pills were disposed of and I haven’t touched them since. I recently joined weight watchers, started eating better, and got my ass up off the couch, and viola… I lost 13lbs.. its like magic! Plus, exercise doesn’t make me feel like death afterwards.. sore as hell, but I’ll take that anyday!


    • amadiex
      May 29, 2013 @ 13:47:20

      Good for you Casey! Exercise can be tough, but once you make it a habit I find it a necessity to deal with life’s challenges. It gives me the energy that I need, and not to mention it puts me closer to what I want to look it. You can’t get there by thinking it, you have to do it. Congrats to you on 13lbs loss! Keep going, sometimes it the only way to clear the head.


  3. Kitt Crescendo
    May 29, 2013 @ 16:12:54

    I think you probably read my post where I talked about parents setting an example for their children and the co-worker I had who used to take diet pills that made her shit herself to the point where she carried spare pants in her car. Weight loss is not worth loss of bodily control or potential health hazards/death. Ugh. Yeah, pills make me nervous, too. The most I take with any sort of regularity are Zyrtec, Advil, Tylenol and Folic Acid.


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