I am the closet artist.  In my spare time I can be found sketching the ordinary into something I believe is extraordinary.  I have a vivid imagination that is fed through books I read, artists I take inspiration from, and photography.  I become frustrated when I do not have an outlet to release into.  My biggest pitfall was being taken away from it, and pulled into a life that pays the bills.  I lost something in that transition.  Through the encouragement of a friend, I have reconnected with my inner self, the self that has been screaming to be let out.  Since then, I have dusted my art table off from the dust that has accumulated over the years and braved the reconnection that I have so desired between my imagination and paper.  To be free, to be what it is I create.  Granted my talented needs to be rebuilt upon, but it has never left me.  Its like riding a bike, you never forget and your going to fall but you get back up and do it again until it is second nature.  So here I am getting on that bike, with no helmet, knee pads, or someone there to catch me when I fall.  It is me alone in this rediscovery of who and what I am about.  Is it my purpose….we shall see.



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  1. Mae Clair
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 00:44:11

    Bravo to you for stepping out on the journey and taking the chance.Wishing you kick-butt success! Our day jobs may pay the bills but it’s our night passions that give wing to the muse.


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